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Ixeris dentata / Nigana ニガナ

Bloom time: May-July

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Ixeris:

Ixeris dentata / Nigana
Ixeris dentata ssp. nipponicum var. albiflora f. ampilifolia / Hananigana
Ixeris dentata ssp. nipponicum var. albiflora / Shirobananigana
Ixeris dentata var. stolonifera / Hainigana
Ixeris japonica / Oojishibari
Ixeris repens / Hamanigana
Ixeris stolonifera / Jishibari

Ixeris dentata / Nigana ニガナ

Ixeris dentata, a perennial herb common in sunny places like roadsides or grasslands, stands erect to grow to 20-50cm. Its radical leaves with long petioles, blades being 3-10cm in length, 0.5-3cm in width, in the shape of a broad-lanceolate to obovate-like long-oblong. On-stem leaves are short, with no petioles; bases are protrusive roundly and embrace stems. Flowers, yellow, set themselves as flower heads on branch tops, and ligulate flowers are 5 in general. Bloom time: May-July.




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