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Kadsura japonica / Sanekazura サネカズラ

Bloom time: August

Schisandraceae /


Species in the genus Kadsura:

Kadsura japonica / Sanekazura


Kadsura japonica / Sanekazura サネカズラ


Kadsura japonica, an evergreen liana, grows on forest edges in fields and mountains. Blades are of alternate phyllotaxis, 5-13cm long, 2-6cm wide, in the shape of an oblong or oval, with sparse serrations on margins, no hairs on both surfaces and approximately 1cm long petioles. Dioecious or Monoecious: Axils set 1.5cm-in-diameter yellow-white flowers; perianth lobes are 8-17 in number, and all of them are petaloid. Fruit (multiple fruits), 2-3cm in diameter, spherical, matures in red in November. Bloom time: August.





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