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Kalimeris incisa / Ooyuugagiku オオユウガギク

Bloom time: August-October.



Species in the genus Kalimeris:

Kalimeris incisa / Ooyuugagiku
Kalimeris yomena / Yomena


Kalimeris incisa / Ooyuugagiku オオユウガギク


Kalimeris incisa: A 1-1.5m tall perennial that grows in wetlands or foot-paths between paddies. Stems branch well, and rhizomes extend long to propagate. Leaves are thick, and those on the lower and middle parts measure 8-10cm long, about 2.5cm long, oblong-like lanceolate, with tips pointed, basal parts taper, significant, incised, coarse serrations on margins, and leaves on upper parts are linear-like lanceolate. Flower heads, 3-3.5cm in diameter, have one-row lingulate flowers on the margins and many yellow tubular flowers gathering in the centers. Involucres measure 5-6mm long, and involucral bracts arrange themselves in three rows - outer ones are shorter than the inner ones. Bloom time: August-October.




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