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Kalimeris yomena / Yomena ヨメナ

Bloom time: July-October.

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Kalimeris:

Kalimeris incisa / Ooyuugagiku
Kalimeris yomena / Yomena


Kalimeris yomena / Yomena ヨメナ

Kalimeris yomena is a 0.5-1.2m-in-height perennial that grows in damp places in fields and mountains. Stems branch well at the upper parts. Leaves on the lower and middle parts measure 8-10cm long, about 3cm wide, oval-like oblong, with coarse serrations on margins and three veins somewhat prominent. Branch tips set single blue-purple-tined flower heads. Achenes are about 3mm long, flat oblanceolate-shaped, with about 0.5mm long pappuses. Bloom time: July-October.




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