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Kirengeshoma palmata / Kirengeshouma キレンゲショウマ

Bloom time: July-September

Hydrangeaceae /


Species in the genus Kirengeshoma:

Kirengeshoma palmata / Kirengeshouma


Kirengeshoma palmata / Kirengeshouma キレンゲショウマ

Kirengeshoma palmata is a perennial found in forests deep in mountainous regions, growing 0.8-1m in height, with leaves, of opposite phyllotaxis, in a palmately-cleft concentric shape, 10-20cm in both length and width. The lobes are triangular and have serrations on the margins. The stem tops bear panicles with yellow flowers at the tips of about 4cm long peduncles. The flowers are 5-petaled, in a bell shape: the petals arrange themselves spirally, and the ends are somewhat pointed. Bloom time: July-September




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