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Lactuca indica / Akinonogeshi アキノノゲシ

Bloom time: August-November

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Lactuca:

Lactuca indica / Akinonogeshi
Lactuca raddeana / Yamanigana
Lactuca sororia / Murasakinigana

Lactuca indica / Akinonogeshi アキノノゲシ

Lactuca indica is an annual biennial herb, 0.6-2m in height, occurring in sunny wastelands, grasslands, or the like. The leaves on the stem's lower parts, 10-30cm long, are pinnately cut in, and those on the upper parts are close to the entire and small. Flower heads, many about 2cm in diameter, set themselves on the stem's upper legs in a panicle way. The flower heads are generally pale yellow, rarely white or pale purple, and bloom in the daytime and wither in the evening. Bloom time: August-November.




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