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Lamium album var. barbatum / Odorikosou オドリコソウ

Bloom time: March-June

Lamiaceae /


Species in the genus Lamium:

Lamium album var. barbatum / Odorikosou
Lamium album var. barbatum(white) / Shirobanaodorikosou
Lamium ambiguus / Manekigusa
Lamium amplexicaule / Hotokenoza
Lamium hybridum  / Momijibahimeodorikosou
Lamium purpureum / Himeodorikosou
Lamium purpureum f. albiflorum / Shirobanahimeodorikosou


Lamium album var. barbatum / Odorikosou オドリコソウ

Odorikosou, the Japanese name for Lamium album var. barbatum, links to a group of dancing ladies with rush hats on them. It inhabits semi-shady portions on roadsides, creating a somewhat large population. Pale yellow- and white types rarely exist also. Leaves are opposite, 5-10cm long, in the ovate-triangular to broad-ovate shape, with pointed tips, coarse serrations on margins, and prominent reticulate veins on surfaces. Axils on upper portions densely set white to light red-purple labiate flowers in whorls. Bloom time: March-June..




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