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Lamium hybridum / Momijibahimeodorikosou モミジバヒメオドリコソウ

Bloom time: April-May

Lamiaceae /


Species in the genus Lamium:

Lamium album var. barbatum / Odorikosou
Lamium album var. barbatum(white) / Shirobanaodorikosou
Lamium ambiguus / Manekigusa
Lamium amplexicaule / Hotokenoza
Lamium hybridum  / Momijibahimeodorikosou
Lamium purpureum / Himeodorikosou
Lamium purpureum f. albiflorum / Shirobanahimeodorikosou


Lamium hybridum / Momijibahimeodorikosou モミジバヒメオドリコソウ

Lamium hybridum, an originating-in-Europe perennial, occurs on roadsides or in cultivated fields. Stems, with a cross-section of a square, branch well at bases, stand erect or diagonally upward, and grow to as tall as 30cm. Leaves are opposite, broadly ovate, and heart-shaped at headquarters, with sharp serrations cut in anew. Blades are somewhat crepey with sparse hair and long petioles on the stem's lower part leaves. Close to stem top portions bear inflorescences and set about 1.5cm light red-purple labiate flowers; corollas comprise upper and lower, and tubular parts rise, with long, dense hairs. Bloom time: April-May.




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