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Laportea bulbifera / Mukagoirakusa ムカゴイラクサ

Bloom time: August-September

 Uriticaceae /


Species in the genus Laportea:

Laportea bulbifera / Mukagoirakusa
Laportea macrostachya / Miyamairakusa


Laportea bulbifera / Mukagoirakusa ムカゴイラクサ

Laportea bulbifera is a perennial found in somewhat dark and damp places in mountainous districts, growing to 20-70cm in height, with spines on stems and leaves and producing propagules on axils that characterize this species. Blades, having long petioles, are oval-like oblong, 4-10cm long, with tips pointed and obtuse serrations. Bloom time: August-September.




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