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Lapsana apogonoides / Koonitabirako コオニタビラコ

Bloom time: May-October

Asteraceae /   


Species in the genus Lapsana:

Lapsana humilis / Yabutabirako
Lapsana apogonoides / Koonitabirako



Lapsana apogonoides / Koonitabirako コオニタビラコ

Lapsana apogonoides, an annual or biennial, grows on roadsides or corners of parks or yards, occasionally found in colonies. The whole feels somewhat soft, with some fine hairs. Radical leaves lay themselves in a rosette way, measuring 8-25cm in length, 1.7-6cm in width, and deeply cut in a lyrate way; the terminal lobes are triangular-ovate, with tips round. On-stem leaves on lower parts are somewhat pointed, and those on upper parts are fewer in number and smaller, tingeing a bit brown-purple. Stem tips bear 7-8mm-across yellow flowers in a caribou way. Bloom time: May-October.




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