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Lathraea japonica / Yamautsubo ヤマウツボ

Bloom time: May-July

Orobanchaceae /


Species in the genus Lathraea:

Lathraea japonica / Yamautsubo


Lathraea japonica / Yamautsubo ヤマウツボ

Lathraea japonica is a perennial herb found in somewhat damp deciduous tree forests; rhizomes branch, crawl underground, and erect 10-30cm-in-height thick peduncles with spike-like racemes which set many flowers. The flowers are white, slightly tinge red-purple, with short pedicles, the bases of which are membranaceous, and equip small oblong-ovate bracts with sharp tips. Corollas are white-tinged with red-purple, cylindrical, about 1.2cm long, with tips labiate. Bloom time: May-July.




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