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Lathyrus japonicus / Hamaendou ハマエンドウ

Bloom time: April-July

Fabaceae /


Species in the genus Lathyrus:

Lathyrus japonicus / Hamaendou


Lathyrus japonicus / Hamaendou ハマエンドウ

Lathyrus japonicus is a perennial herb found in sandy soil in seashores, the whole being powdery white and stems angular. The stems crawl on the ground to grow to about 1 m long, and the leaves are of a pinnately compound leaf, with 6-12 leaflets, 1.5-3cm long, 1-2cm wide, and oblong. Stipules are big, about the same size as the leaflets, and flowers set themselves 3-6 in a racemose way. Vexilla are red-purple at first and turn blue-purple later. White flowers can occur rarely. Bloom time: April-July.




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