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Lecanorchis kiusiana / Usukimuyouran ウスキムヨウラン

Bloom time: April-July

Orchidaceae / Ranka


Species in the genus Lacanorchis:

Lecanorchis kiusiana / Usukimuyouran
Lacanorchis japonica / Muyouran


The photo on the left: Courtesy of N.K.


Lecanorchis kiusiana / Usukimuyouran ウスキムヨウラン

Lecanorchis kiusiana, a saprophytic orchid plant without chlorophyll pigments, inhabits evergreen forests. The stems are erect, 5-25cm, yellow-brown, and the leaves are scale-like, 3-4 in number, and are alternate phyllotaxis, each measuring 4-6mm in length. The stem tops bear racemes with 2-6 10-13mm-in-length light yellow-brown flowers. The flowers are on short peduncles, side petals a bit broader than sepals, and lips are cleft in three; the most extensive lobe between the other two has many inwards trichomes. Bloom time: June-July.



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