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Leibnitzia anandria / Senbon'yari センボンヤリ

Bloom time: April-June and September-November

Asteraceae /   


Species in the genus Leibnitzia:

Leibnitzia anandria / Senbonyari



Leibnitzia anandria / Senbon'yari センボンヤリ

Leibnitzia anandria is a perennial herb inhabiting sunny grasslands in hilly or mountainous regions, leaves being all together at bases in the way of a rosette. Spring leaves are oval, with margins incised and dense arachnoids on the backsides, and autumn ones measure 10-16cm in length, 3-4cm in width, in the shape of an obovate-like long-oblong, and pinnately cleft. There are two types of flower heads also. Spring flowers measure 1.5cm in diameter and singly set themselves on tips of 5-15cm-long peduncles. The flower heads arrange ligulate flowers, the backsides of which tinge purple, around floral axes in a row, and tubular flowers come in the center parts. Bloom time: April-June, September-November.




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