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Lespedeza bicolor / Yamahagi ヤマハギ

Bloom time: July-September

Fabaceae /


Species in the genus Lespedeza:

Lespedeza bicolor / Yamahagi
Lespedeza bicolor f. niveoflora / Shirobanayamahagi
Lespedeza cuneata / Medohagi
Lespedeza cuneata var. serpens / Haimedohagi
Lespedeza pilosa / Nekohagi
Lespedeza tomentosa / Inuhagi
Lespedeza virgata / Makiehagi



Lespedeza bicolor / Yamahagi ヤマハギ


Lespedeza bicolor is a 1-2m-in-height deciduous shrub found in grasslands or forest edges. Its leaflets are 2-4cm long, broadly oblong or broad oval-shaped, with orbicular tips, a few hairs in the center parts of the surfaces, and adpressed hairs on the back surfaces. The inflorescences are longer than the leaves and attach to the basal portions. The flowers are red-purple and 1.5cm in length. Bloom time is July-September.





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