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Lespedeza virgata / Makiehagi マキエハギ

Bloom time: August-September

Fabaceae / Mameka



Species in the genus Lespedeza:

Lespedeza bicolor / Yamahagi
Lespedeza bicolor f. niveoflora / Shirobanayamahagi
Lespedeza cuneata / Medohagi
Lespedeza cuneata var. serpens / Haimedohagi
Lespedeza pilosa / Nekohagi
Lespedeza tomentosa / Inuhagi
Lespedeza virgata / Makiehagi


Lespedeza virgata / Makiehagi マキエハギ


Lespedeza virgata: A deciduous shrub that grows in sunny, dry grasslands on hills to low hills, reaching 30-60cm in height; however, it is seemingly a herb. Stems are stiff and slender, with adpressed hairs. Leaves, ternate compounds, are alternate; leaflets measure 0.7-2.5cm long and 0.5-1.5cm wide, oblong-shaped, with tips round with slight depressions and acicular projections. Axils emerge stalks that generate short racemes with 2-5 6-7mm long dark white papilionaceous flowers. Calyxes, 4-5mm long, are tinge red and cleft in five; the segments are lanceolate, and the tips extend to become pointed in a needleway. Bloom time: August-September.





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