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Ligustrum obtusifolium / Ibotanoki イボタノキ

Bloom time: May-June

Oleaceae /


Species in the genus Ligustrum:

Ligustrum japonicum / Nezumimochi
Ligustrum obtusifolium / Ibotanoki
Ligustrum salicinum / Yanagiibota
Ligustrum tschonoski / Miyamaibota


Ligustrum obtusifolium / Ibotanoki イボタノキ

Ligustrum obtusifolium is a deciduous shrub found on forest edges in fields and mountains, growing to 2-4m in height, with glandular hairs on young blanches. Leaves are opposite; blades are 2-7cm long, 7-20mm wide, long oblong, with entire margins, rounded tips, cuneate bases, thin texture, not glossy, upper surfaces with no hairs, and lower ones with some or no hairs. New branch tips emerge 2-4cm long racemes and set small white flowers; corollas are 7-9mm long, tubular funnel-shaped with tips cleft in four; the lobes are short, about 3mm long. Bloom time: May-June.




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