Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Lilium formosanum / Takasagoyuri タカサゴユリ

Bloom time: July-August

Liliaceae /


Species in the genus Lilium:

Lilium_concolor / Himeyuri
Lilium cordatum / Ubayuri
Lilium formosanum / Takasagoyuri
Lilium japonicum / Sasayuri
Lilium lancifolium / Oniyuri
Lilium leichtlinii f. pseudotigrinum / Kooniyuri
Lilium leichtlinii var. maximowiczii f. tenuifolium / Hosobakooniyuri


Lilium japonicum / Sasayuri ササユリ

Lilium japonicum, a perennial herb occurring in grasslands on hills to mountains, grows to 0.5-1m in height. Leaves measure 7-15cm long, in the shape of a lanceolate to narrow lanceolate. Stem tips put approximately 10cm long funnel-shaped flowers open sideways; the flowers are generally light red and fragrant. The flower color is variable, white to red-purple, and the leaf's width is also variable. Bloom time: July-August.




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