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Lindera obtusiloba / Dankoubai ダンコウバイ

Bloom time: March-April

Lauraceae /


Species in the genus Lindera:

Lindera umbellata / Kuromoji
Lindera praecox / Aburachan
Lindera obtusiloba / Dankoubai

Lindera obtusiloba / Dankoubai ダンコウバイ

Lindera obtusiloba, a deciduous shrub with dark gray bark, inhabits deciduous forests or edges in hilly districts, growing to 2-6m in height. Trunks grow in bundles and form the tree shape of a spherical to broadly ovate. Leaves are of opposite phyllotaxis, blades being 5-15cm long, 4-13cm wide, in a broad ovate shape, upper parts generally cleft in three, with entire margins, and basal parts succise or shallowly cordate. Before leaves develop, small yellow flowers set themselves mutually together in umbel-like inflorescences. Dioecious: male inflorescences are more significant than females and surpass in number and size. Bloom time: March-April.




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