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Lindera praecox / Aburachan アブラチャン

Bloom time: April



Species in the genus Lindera:

Lindera umbellata / Kuromoji
Lindera praecox / Aburachan
Lindera obtusiloba / Dankoubai

Lindera praecox / Aburachan アブラチャン

Lindera praecox, a deciduous shrub found in somewhat damp mountainsides or skirts in hilly districts, trunks being with gray-brown bark, generally grows in bundles to form a ball to ovate-sphere tree shape. Leaves are in an alternate arrangement, 7-12cm long, 7-10cm wide, triangular- broad obovate, upper parts generally cleft in three, and bases cuneate. However, non-cleft small ones happen to exist at times. Leaf margins are entire, and three veins are prominent. Dioecious: 3-5 yellow flowers bloom mutually together before leaves develop. Female flowers are fewer in number than males. Bloom time: April.



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