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Lindera umbellata / Kuromoji クロモジ

Bloom time: April



Species in the genus Lindera:

Lindera umbellata / Kuromoji
Lindera praecox / Aburachan
Lindera obtusiloba / Dankoubai

Lindera umbellata / Kuromoji クロモジ

Lindera umbellata is a deciduous shrub with smooth gray-brown barks found in forests in mountainous regions. Leaves are alternate, 5-10cm long, 1.5-3.5cm wide, obovate-like long-oblong, with sharp tips and bases cuneate, and margins are entire. Leaf axils bear umbels in which many small yellow-green flowers bloom - simultaneously with the development of the leaves; perianths are generally 6 in number, 3mm in length in male flowers, and those in female flowers are somewhat smaller. Bloom time: April.




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