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Lindernia crustacea / Urikusa ウリクサ

Bloom time: August-October

Linderniaceae /


Species in the genus Lindernia:

Lindernia dubia (Amerikaazena)
Lindernia micrantha (Azetougarashi)
Lindernia antipoda var. grandiflora (Edauchisuzumenotougarashi)
Lindernia antipoda var. verbenifolia (Hirohasuzumenotougarashi)
Lindernia crustacea (Urikusa)
Lindernia procumbens (Azena)
micrantha f. leucantha (Shirobanaazetougarashi)

Lindernia crustacea / Urikusa ウリクサ


Lindernia crustacea is an annual that occurs in fields, vacant lots, or corners of yards. Stems branch well to spread on the ground. Leaves in an alternate arrangement are 0.7-2cm long, 0.6-1.3cm wide, oval, or broad oval, with coarse serrations on the margins. In sunny places, stems or leaves tinge purple. Axils on the upper parts bear single light purple flowers. Corollas are lip-shaped, about 8mm long; stamens are four in number, and two have stick projections on two bases attaching beneath the lower lips. Calyxes, 5-ridged, are shallowly cleft in five. The fruit (capsule), oblong-shaped, is enveloped with calyxes. Bloom time: August-October.





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