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Lindernia micrantha / Azetougarashi アゼトウガラシ

Bloom time: August-October

Linderniaceae /


Species in the genus Lindernia:

Lindernia dubia (Amerikaazena)
Lindernia micrantha (Azetougarashi)
Lindernia antipoda var. grandiflora (Edauchisuzumenotougarashi)
Lindernia antipoda var. verbenifolia (Hirohasuzumenotougarashi)
Lindernia crustacea (Urikusa)
Lindernia procumbens (Azena)
micrantha f. leucantha (Shirobanaazetougarashi)

Lindernia micrantha / Azetougarashi アゼトウガラシ


Lindernia micrantha: A10-20cm tall annual mainly grows in damp places like paths between paddies. Leaves are of opposite phyllotaxis, 1-3cm long, 3-6mm wide, in a lanceolate shape with pointed tips. Stamens are four in number, the two on the side of the upper lips are short with anthers with sharp corners, and the other two on the lower lips are long with stick projections at the bases. Calyxes are cleft in five. The fruit (capsule) is about 1cm long, linear-like, and lanceolate-shaped. Bloom time: August-October.





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