Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Linum stelleroides / Matsubaninjin マツバニンジン

Bloom time: August-September

Fabaceae / Mameka



Species in the genus Linum:

Linum dedium var. medium / Kibananomatsubaninjin
Linum stelleroides / Matsubaninjin


Linum stelleroides / Matsubaninjin マツバニンジン


Linum stelleroides: An annual that occurs in sunny grasslands in mountainous regions. Stems erect, growing to 40-60cm in height, and alternate leaves with no petioles. The blades are 1-3cm long and 2-4mm wide, with pointed tips, bases tapering, and no hairs and three veins on the surfaces. Stem- and branch tips emerge cymes that set about 1cm-in-diameter light purple 5-petaled flowers; the petals are broadly obovate, 5-6mm long. Fruit is spherical, 3-4mm across. Bloom time: August-September.





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