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Liparis kumokiri / Kumokirisou クモキリソウ


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Species in the genus Liparis:

Liparis fujisanensis / Fugakusuzumushisou
Liparis krameri / Jigabachisou
Liparis kumokiri / Kumokirisou
Liparis nervosa / Kokuran


Liparis kumokiri / Kumokirisou クモキリソウ


Liparis kumokiri is a perennial orchid found in deciduous woodland in a hilly area. It has a spherical pseudobulb exposed on the ground level, from which a pair of approximately 10cm long oval-shaped leaves ascend. The glossy leaves are finely undulating at an entire fringe; vein networking is unclear. The flowers on a stalk, counting 5-15, are light green; both sepals and side petals are the same length—8mm, the lip getting warped. Bloom time: June-August.





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