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Liparis nervosa / Kokuran コクラン

Bloom time: June-July

Orchidaceae /


Species in the genus Liparis:

Liparis fujisanensis / Fugakusuzumushisou
Liparis krameri / Jigabachisou
Liparis kumokiri / Kumokirisou
Liparis nervosa / Kokuran


Liparis nervosa / Kokuran コクラン

Liparis nervosa is a perennial orchid species found in evergreen forests with fleshy pseudobulbs. Leaves are broad, oblong, and acuminate, measuring 5-12cm in length. Flower stalks of 15-30cm in height bear 5-10 dark purple flowers in a racemose manner; the sepals are lanceolate, approximately 1cm in length, and the side petals linear. Lips are obovate, around 1cm in height, recurved, and the ends recessed from the surface. Bloom time: June-July.  




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