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Litsea citriodora / Aomoji アオモジ

Bloom time: March-April

Lauraceae /


Species in the genus Litsea:

Litsea citriodora / Aomoji
Litsea coreana / Kagonoki
Litsea japonica / Hamabiwa

Litsea citriodora / Aomoji アオモジ

Litsea citriodora is a 3-5m tall, small deciduous tree or tree found in forest edges; young branches are dark green and fragrant, and leaves are aromatic. The leaves are alternate, 7-15cm long, 2-4.5cm wide, broadly lanceolate, with sharp tips, back surfaces tingeing powdery white, margins entire, and 1-2.5cm long petioles. The leaves turn yellow in autumn. Dioecious: Flowers bloom in umbels before the leaves develop, while in buds, the inflorescences, with curved 0.7-1.3cm long peduncles, look spherical because the buds cover themselves with involucres. The flowers are small and white; corollas are cleft in six. Bloom time: March-April.




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