Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Litsea japonica / Hamabiwa ハマビワ

Bloom time: October-November

Lauraceae / Kusunokika


Species in the genus Litsea:

Litsea citriodora / Aomoji
Litsea coreana / Kagonoki
Litsea japonica / Hamabiwa

Litsea japonica / Hamabiwa ハマビワ

Litsea japonica is an evergreen small tree or tree that occurs in coastal areas, growing as tall as 7 meters; trunks grow in clusters, forming an oblong tree shape. New branches are thick, with dense yellow-brown fluffs. Leaves are alternate, gathering together at branch tips; blades measure 7-15cm and 2-5cm wide, long oblong, with tips round, broadly cuneate, thick, leathery, and entire margins with an inclination of curving backward. The surfaces are hairless and glossy, and the back sides have thick yellow-brown fluffs. Dioecious: A few inflorescences with many small yellow-white flowers emerge from the sides of the leaves. One inflorescence contains 5-6 flowers. Sap fruit, about 1.5cm across oblong, matures emerald green in next year's spring-summer. Bloom time: October-November.




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