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Lobelia chinensis / Mizokakushi ミゾカクシ

Bloom time: June-October

Campanulaceae /


Species in the genus Lobelia:

Lobelia chinensis / Mizokakushi
Lobelia sessilifolia / Sawagikyou



Lobelia chinensis / Mizokakushi ミゾカクシ

Lobelia chinensis, a perennial herb height of 10-15cm, inhabits damp places. Stems are slender, crawl on the ground, extend long, and propagate by taking roots from nodes. Leaves are 1-2cm long,2-4mm wide, in a lanceolate shape, and of distichous phyllotaxis. Axils emerge long peduncles and set single light red-purple flowers. As flowering ends, the peduncles face downward. About 1cm long, corollas cut themselves into five of the same size. Bloom time: June-October.




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