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Loxogramme grammitoides / Himesajiran ヒメサジラン

Bloom time: (Fern)

Polypodiaceae /


Species in the genus Loxogramme:

Loxogramme grammitoides / Himesajiran


Loxogramme grammitoides / Himesajiran ヒメサジラン


Loxogramme grammitoides is an evergreen fern plant inhabiting mingling in mosses on rocks or trunks. Rhizomes, delicate, less than 1mm in diameter, with lamenta, run sideways long. The lamentum, less than 2mm long, is lanceolate or linear-lanceolate and caudate, the tip pointed, and the margin is entire. With petioles almost nonexistent, Leaves are dark green, hairless, broad-lanceolate to obovate, widest at the portions close to the tips, 0.5-1cm in width, 2-12cm in length.





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