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Ludwigia decurrens / Hiretagobou ヒレタゴボウ

Bloom time: August-October

Onagraceae /


Species in the genus Ludwigia:

Ludwigia decurrens / Hiretagobou
Ludwigia epilobioides / Choujitade
Ludwigia epilobioides subsp. greatrexii / Usugechoujitade


Ludwigia decurrens / Hiretagobou ヒレタゴボウ


Ludwigia decurrens: An annual originating in North America grows in wetlands along rivers, edges of ponds or swamps, paddy fields, or the like. Stems, four-ridged, stand erect and branch well to grow to 80-100cm height. Leaves are in an alternate arrangement, 5-12cm long, 1.5-3cm wide, lanceolate to narrow oblong, with next-to-nothing petioles, and bases becoming wings connecting to the stem's ridges. Flowers, yellow, 4-petaled, about 3cm in diameter, singly appear at axils and open flat. Bloom time: August-October.





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