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Ludwigia epilobioides / Choujitade チョウジタデ

Bloom time: August-October

Onagraceae /


Species in the genus Ludwigia:

Ludwigia decurrens / Hiretagobou
Ludwigia epilobioides / Choujitade
Ludwigia epilobioides subsp. greatrexii / Usugechoujitade


Ludwigia epilobioides / Choujitade チョウジタデ


Ludwigia epilobioides is a 30-70cm-tall annual that grows in paddy fields or wetlands, with ridges on stems, often taking red. Leaves are 3-10cm long and 1-2cm wide and lanceolate-shaped, with conspicuous veins on the surfaces, turning red in autumn. Axils set petiole-less, small, 6-8mm-in-diameter flowers; petals are shorter than sepals. The fruit (capsule) is 1.5-3cm in length. Bloom time: August-October.





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