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Ludwigia epilobioides subsp. grearexii (Syn. L. greatrexii) / Usugechoujitade ウスゲチョウジタデ

Bloom time: August-October

Onagraceae /


Species in the genus Ludwigia:

Ludwigia decurrens / Hiretagobou
Ludwigia epilobioides / Choujitade
Ludwigia epilobioides subsp. greatrexii / Usugechoujitade


Ludwigia epilobioides subsp. greatrexii (Syn, L. greatrexii) / Usugechoujitade ウスゲチョウジタデ


Ludwigia epilobioides subsp. greatrexii (Syn, L. greatrexii): An annual occurring on the edges of paddies or agricultural water channels, the stems grow to 30-70cm in height with vellus as with the leaves or fruit. The leaves are alternate, 7-8cm in length, in the shape of a long elliptical to lanceolate, with entire margins. The flowers are yellow, around 8mm in diameter; petals are five in number, each about 4cm long and lanceolate in shape, and sepals are five, 3-4mm long. The Ministry of the Environment designates this species as an NT. Bloom time: August-October.





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