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Luzula capitata / Suzumenoyari スズメノヤリ

Bloom time: April-May

Juglandaceae /


Species in the genus Luzula:

Luzula capitata / Suzumenoyari
Luzula plumosa var. macrocarpa / Nukaboshisou



Luzula capitata / Suzumenoyari スズメノヤリ

Luzula capitata is a perennial herb common in grasslands in coastal areas to mountainous regions, with stems growing to 10-30cm in height. Radical leaves are 7-15cm in length, 2-6mm in width, linear to broadly linear, with long white hairs on the margins. On-stem leaves are 2-3 in number, and the stem tips set 1 or rarely 2 or 3 oval- or spherical-shaped flower heads with red-brown flowers in clusters. Perianth lobes are 2.5-3mm in length. Bloom time: April-May.




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