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Lycopus maackianus / Himeshirone ヒメシロネ

Bloom time: August-October

Lamiaceae /


Species in the genus Lycopus:

Lycopus lucidus / Shirone
Lycopus maackianus / Himeshirone
Lycopus ramosissimus var. japonicus / Koshirone
Lycopus uniflorus / Ezoshirone


Lycopus maackianus / Himeshirone ヒメシロネ

Lycopus maackianus is a perennial herb in mountain wetlands, growing to 30-70cm in height. Leaves are in an opposite arrangement, slender, thick, glossy, in the shape of a lanceolate, or a bit wide, 4-8cm long, with sharp serrations on margins. White lip shape flowers come in mass at the leaf axils - not flashy, but not plain. Bloom time: August-October.




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