Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Lycoris albiflorum / Shirobanahiganbana シロバナヒガンバナ

Bloom time: September

Amarylliaceae /


Species in the genus Lycoris:

Lycoris albiflora / Shirobanahiganbana
Lycoris radiata / Higanbana
Lycoris sanguinea / Kitsunenokamisori
Lycoris sanguinea var. kiushiana / Ookitsunenokamisori
Lycoris squamigera / Natuzuisen


Lycoris albiflorum / Shirobanahiganbana シロバナヒガンバナ

Lycoris albiflorum: This white Lycoris species looks like a form of  Lycoris radiata, but some experts regard it as another species. It exists mingling in or does close to colonies of L. radiata, though. Bloom time: September.




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