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Lycoris radiata / Higanbana ヒガンバナ

Bloom time: September

Amarylliaceae /


Species in the genus Lycoris:

Lycoris albiflora / Shirobanahiganbana
Lycoris radiata / Higanbana
Lycoris sanguinea / Kitsunenokamisori
Lycoris sanguinea var. kiushiana / Ookitsunenokamisori
Lycoris squamigera / Natuzuisen


Lycoris radiata / Higanbana ヒガンバナ

Lycoris radiata, a perennial blooming around Autumnal Equinox day, inhabits paths between rice fields, roadsides, or riverbanks. The linear, dark green leaves begin to sprout in late autumn to grow up to 30-60cm in height, 6-8cm in width, pass the winter, and wither the following spring. As autumn sets in, flower stalks appear from bulbs beneath the ground, grow up to 30-50cm in height, and bear 5-7 red, umbellate flowers that bloom facing upward. Bloom time: September.




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