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Lycoris sanguinea / Kitsunenokamisori キツネノカミソリ

Bloom time: August-Septemver

 Amaryllidaceae /


Species in the genus Lycoris:

Lycoris albiflora / Shirobanahiganbana
Lycoris radiata / Higanbana
Lycoris sanguinea / Kitsunenokamisori
Lycoris sanguinea var. kiushiana / Ookitsunenokamisori
Lycoris squamigera / Natuzuisen


Lycoris sanguinea / Kitsunenokamisori キツネノカミソリ

Lycoris sanguinea, a bulbous perennial found in fields and mountains, emerges dark-green leaves in early spring from underground bulbs, which extend to 30-40cm in height. As summer sets in, however, they all perish. Instead, naked flower scapes emerge from the ground to 30-50cm in height, each bearing an umbel of 3-5 yellow-red flowers. The perianth segments open diagonally upward without warping. Bloom time: August-September.



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