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 Lysimachia x pilophora / Inutoranoo イヌトラノオ

Bloom time: June-August

Primulaceae / Sakurasouka  

Species in the genus Lysimachia:

Lysimachia acroadenia / Ginreika
Lysimachia clethroides / Okatoranoo
Lysimachia fortunei / Numatoranoo
Lysimachia japonica / Konasubi
Lysimachia mauritiana / Hamabossu
Lysimachia vulgaris var.davurica / Kusaredama
Lysimachia_x_pilophora / Inutoranoo

 Lysimachia x pilophora / Inutoranoo イヌトラノオ

Lysimachia x pilophora, a natural hybrid between Lysimachia clethroides and L. fortunei, grows in a damp location close to a wetland, extending rhizomes sideways to propagate. Its form signals that the hybridizing took place long before; long slender leaves associated with L. fortunei, while the other's portions beneath the leaf bases tinge red, which characterize the nature of L. clethroides. Flowers, white, set themselves in racemes on stem tips. The curving condition of the racemes is intermediate between the two's. Bloom time: June-August.



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