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Macleaya cordata / Takenigusa タケニグサ

Bloom time: July-August

Papaveraceae /


Species in the genus Macleaya:

Macleaya cordata / Takenigusa

Macleaya cordata / Takenigusa タケニグサ

Macleaya cordata is a perennial plant that grows from one to two meters tall and has white powdery coatings. It is a perennial in sunny wilderness or roadsides. The leaves are 10-30cm long and cleft in some lobes like chrysanthemums. Curly hairs grow luxuriantly on the back surfaces. The stem tips create significant panicles with many white flowers. The flowers lack petals, and sepals drop off simultaneously with the flowering. The fruit (capsule) measures around 2.5cm in length. Bloom time: July-August.




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