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Magnolia praecocissima / Kobushi コブシ

Bloom time: March-April

Magnoriaceae /


Species in the genus Magnolia:

Magnolia obovata / Hounoki
Magnolia praecocissima / Kobushi
Magnolia salicifilia / Tamushiba
Magnolia sieboldii ssp. japonica / Ooyamarenge

Magnolia praecocissima / Kobushi コブシ

Magnolia praecocissima, a deciduous tree found on hills and mountains, grows more than 15m in height, with gray-white barks feeling smooth. Leave are of alternate phyllotaxis, 6-15cm in length, 3-6cm in width, in the shape of an obovate, with margins entire, tips pointed, bases cuneate, and some light green hairs visible on veins on the backsides. Before the leaves develop, 7-10cm across, fragrant, white flowers bloom on branch tops. Bloom time: March-April.




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