Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Mazus pumilus / Tokiwahaze トキワハゼ

Bloom time: April-November

Phrymaceae /


Species in the genus Mazus:

Mazus miquelii / Murasakisagigoke
Mazus miquelii f. albiflorus / Shirobanasagigoke
Mazus miquelii f. roseus / Momoiromurasakisagigoke
Mazus pumilus / Tokiwahaze


Mazus pumilus / Tokiwahaze トキワハゼ

Mazus pumilus, an annual herb of 5-20cm in height, which can be in sight for almost a year, occurs on roadsides or in fields with no runners. Leaves are prominent at the bases, 2-5cm long, and trim on the upper parts. Flowers are approximately 1cm in length; the upper lips are purple, and the lower lips are white, tinged with purple, with yellow and red-brown spots. Bloom time: April-November.




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