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Medicago polymorpha / Umagoyashi ウマゴヤシ

Bloom time: March-May

Fabiaceae /


Species in the genus Medicago:

Medicago polymorpha / Umagoyashi

Medicago polymorpha / Umagoyashi ウマゴヤシ

Medicago polymorpha is an annual or biennial herb that originated in Europe and naturalized itself in various districts in the Edo period. Basal parts of stems crawl on the ground, growing to 10-60cm in height. Leaves comprise three obovate leaflets 1-2cm long and 0.5-1.5cm wide. Stipules cut in deeply like the teeth of a comb, and flowers, yellow, 4-5mm long, set themselves some at leaf axils. Legumes wind themselves in whorls, 5-6mm in diameter, spirally, with prickles like hooks on margins. Bloom time: March-May.





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