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Mentha x piperita / Koshouhakka コショウハッカ

Bloom time: July-September

Lamiaceae /


Species in the genus Mentha:

Mentha arvensis / Hakka
Mentha x piperita / Koshouhakka

Mentha_suaveolens / Marubahakka

Mentha x piperita / Koshouhakka コショウハッカ


Mentha x piperita, a 30-90cm tall perennial herb originating in Europe, used to be cultivated but escaped broadly to grow wild. Four-ridged stems are erect, with rhizomes well branching and extending sideways. The whole is glabrate and becomes significantly fragrant if rubbed. Leaves are opposite: oblong, with short petioles, crepe pattern, pointed tips, and margins with sharp serrations. Stem tips emerge 5-8cm long and 1.2-8cm wide raceme-like verticillasters; Flowers are bilabiate, cleft in four, and light purple. Bloom time: July-September.





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