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Mercurialis leiocarpa / Yamaai ヤマアイ

Bloom time: March-April

Euphorbiaceae /


Species in the genus Mercurialis:

Mercurialis leiocarpa / Yamaai


Mercurialis leiocarpa / Yamaai ヤマアイ

Mercurialis leiocarpa is a dioecious perennial herb of 30-40cm in height, inhabiting forests in mountainous regions. Leaves are of opposite phyllotaxis, with stipules and petioles; blades are 6-12cm in length, in a long-oblong-like lanceolate, with serrations on margins. Inflorescences emerge from axils on branch tops and set small-sized flowers in a racemose way. With male flowers, calyxes are cleft in 3, with many stamens, while female ones are with two rod-like things and one pistil. Bloom time: March-April.




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