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Mimulus nepalensis / Mizohoozuki ミゾホオズキ

Bloom time: February-April

Phrymaceae /


Species in the genus Mimulus:

Mimulus nepalensis / Mizohouzuki


Mimulus nepalensis / Mizohoozuki ミゾホオズキ

Mimulus nepalensis is a perennial herb in wetlands or ditches in mountainous regions, growing to 10-30cm in height. Leaves measure 1-4cm in length, in the shape of an oval, with short petioles. Flowers, yellow, set themselves on axils on upper parts; corollas measure 1-1.5cm in length and are cleft in five round lobes, and calyxes tips are truncated, having five processes. Bloom time: June-August.




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