Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Miricacalia makineana / Oomomijigasa オオモミジガサ

Bloom time: July-September

Asteraceae / Kikuka   Species in the genus Miricacalia:

Miricacalia makineana / Oomomijigasa

Miricacalia makineana / Oomomijigasa オオモミジガサ

Miricacalia makineana is a perennial herb inhabiting damp portions in deep mountainous regions, stems growing to 0.6-1.2m in height, and the whole is shrunk-hairy. Leaves on the branches, 2 or 3 in number, are in an alternate arrangement, and ones on lower parts have long petioles with orbicular, 25-33cm-in-width, palmately cleft leaves. Flower heads emerge in alternate arrangements from bract axils. Involucres are oblong-like tubular. Bloom time: July-September.



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