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Morus cathayana / Keguwa ケグワ

Bloom time: May

Moraceae /



Species in the genus Morus:

Morus bombycis / Yamaguwa
Morus cathayana / Keguwa

Morus cathayana / Keguwa ケグワ

 Morus cathayana, a deciduous tree along mountain valleys, grows to 4-15m in height. Leaves are alternate; blades are 6-13cm long, in an orbicular-ovate shape, ranging from with some to 3-5 cuts to no cuts, with tips shortly pointed, bases shallowly cordate, margins with tips somewhat circular, thin texture, and 2-3cm long petioles. Dioecious: Current year's upper parts' leaf sides create inflorescences; male ones are about 2cm long, and female ones are 1-3cm long. Aggregate fruit measures 1-2cm long, is oblong and matures in black-purple in June-July. Edible. Bloom time: May.




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