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Mosla punctulata / Inukouju イヌコウジュ

Bloom time: September-October

Lamiaceae /


Species in the genus Mosla:

Mosla dianthera / Himejiso
Mosla punctulata / Inukouju
Mosla japonica var. thymolifera / Shirobanayamajiso

Mosla punctulata / Inukouju イヌコウジュ

Mosla punctulata is a 20-60cm tall annual herb growing on roadsides, with fine hairs on the whole. Leaves are opposite, 2-4cm long and 1-2.5cm wide, in an oval-like lanceolate or long oblong shape, with serrations on margins. Stem tips emerge racemes in which many small light red-purple labiate flowers set themselves; corollas are 3-4mm long and calyxes 2-3mm long, with sharply pointed tips on the upper lip's lobes. After the flowers, the calyxes grow to about 4mm long. Bloom time: September-October.





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