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Musa basjoo / Bashou バショウ

Bloom time: August-September

Musaceae / Bashouka



Species in the genus Musa:

Musa basjoo / Bashou


Musa basjoo / Bashou バショウ


Musa basjoo is an evergreen perennial herb with a height of approximately 5m and a diameter of 20cm. The part resembling a trunk is a pseudostem formed at the base by accumulating leaf sheaths. Leaves develop to 150-200cm long and 40-50cm wide oblong as the plant body evolves. Flowers comprise male and female flowers. Inflorescences appear on the tips of the pseudostems, forming an oblong-like conical shape and, generally, droop. Female flowers measure 6-7cm long and yellow-white, and male flowers put themselves on the tips of the inflorescences. A banana-like fruit, about 6cm long, is born with few seeds. Blooming time: August-September.





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